How to Program the BluChip

There are a number of available programming IDEs and debuggers capable of programming the BluChip.  Below you will find examples and descriptions for some of the more common use cases.

Quickstart - Use Keil and the CMSIS-DAP debugger available with the explorer kit.

Available Programmers/Debuggers

  • CMSIS-DAP - The CMSIS-DAP debugger is the open source option included in the BluChip Explorer Kit.  CMSIS-DAP debuggers are generally less expensive than the J-Link versions.
  • J-Link - The J-Link debugger is available directly from Keil.  MakerChips recommends using the J-Link Lite debugger.  It is fully capable and the least expensive of the J-Link offerings.

Available IDEs

  • Keil uVision - Keil provides the evaluation version free of charge with a license that is valid in perpetuity, however, programs are limited in size.
  • Visual Studio via VGDB - Visual Studio Community is available free of charge and VGDB trial licenses last 30 days and subscriptions are reasonably priced.

Currently we recommend programming the BluChip using Keil uVision with the CMSIS-DAP debugger included in the Explorer kit.  This provides a straight forward and inexpensive way to begin programming your bluchip.

In the future we will add tutorials for using J-Link and Visual Studio.