Faster, Smaller, Better

At MakerChips we always have something in the pipeline.  Expected out later this summer are two new and exciting products.


The BluChipM4 is a big upgrade over the capabilities of the current BluChip.  Based on the new Noric Semiconductor BLE SoC, nRF52832, the BluChipM4 will provide more power, consume less energy and increase capabilities. 

The BluChipM4 upgrades the following

  • 64Mhz processor (from 16Mhz)
  • 64k RAM (from 32k)
  • -96 dBm RX sensitivity (from -93)
  • 512kB flash (from 256 kB)
  • 12-bit ADC (from 10-bit)
  • 5.5mA RX/TX power consumption (from ~9mA)
  • Floating Point Support

We are currently finishing up the design of the BluChipM4 and expect to release them for general availability in the coming weeks.  If you're interested in large quantities please contact so we can be sure to have them ready to go on day 1.

Stackable BluChip

Our design engineers are currently hard at work creating an even smaller version of the BluChip module.  They are also working on boards to enhance the capabilities of the BluChip via a simple to use stacking interface.


With our hardware engineers hard at work creating the smallest most useful BTLE chips available we've put our software engineers to the task of making it easier to use.  They are working on a bootloader to allow easy integration with the Arduino environment.